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João Pavia de Magalhães, artistically known as DJ - João Magalhães was born in 1977, in Portugal. He lives in the pleasant town of Oeiras.

From very early on, he cultivated the pleasure of sound and rhythm. Still quite young, partly self-taught, partly with the support of some professionals, he found his way into musical entertainment. What started as an hobby has into a craft!

Already a specialist, he committed himself specially to the study of some musical styles, including:

  • ROCK and POP from the 70s, 80s and 90s
  • Successes of the Portuguese music
  • Latin rhythms and sounds of Brazil
  • Ambient music, jazz and chill-out
  • House music (commercial)

Professional career:

As he entered into College, with the goal of graduating in Marketing Management, João Magalhães managed to reconcile two such different tasks as being a student and a DJ.

João Magalhães was officially launched as a DJ in 1995.

With just 18 years of age, he stood as a resident DJ at Promotora Bar in Alcantara, where he remained for about two years.

He passed by the now extinct Discoteca Models, having collaborated in it until it became the Discoteca Luanda.

He is also noted for his incursion in such venerable lisbonean nightspots in the Santos area as:

  • Kapital;
  • Álcool Puro;
  • Quiz;
  • Bar Patriota.

He has participated in several landmark events:

  • Party of the Official Toyota Lisbon-Dakar Rally Team;
  • Mega-Festa Casa do Marquês- Alvalade Stadium;
  • Release Parties of various products;
  • Christmas parties in a variety of important Corporations.

Aiming to become a specialist in the field of sound and musical entertainment, he began a process of deeper and more committed learning, which consumes a considerable amount of his time but has allowed him to evolve significantly, either in technique, either in repertory. Having a greater freedom in his musical choices, he gladly welcomed a new course in the musical animation of events, such as ceremonies, parties, social gatherings and others.

Currently, this activity, besides providing him with a more independent lifestyle, allows him to establish direct links with those that look for his services and embrace unique projects, designed for a specific group of people and about a specific theme, allowing to make each project unique and special.

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